Stress Echocardiography In Pediatric And Adult Congenital Heart Disease

View PDF AUTHORS Peter Ermis Abstract Stress echocardiography can be complementary in the assessment of ventricular function. There are various methods by which stress echocardiography can be employed and there are nuances that must be understood to properly interpret the findings of stress echocardiography. This module reviews stress echocardiography in pediatric and adult congenital heart […]

Echocardiographic Evaluation Of Left Ventricular Systolic Function

View PDF AUTHORS Robert W. Loar Abstract Echocardiography is a vital tool in noninvasive assessment of ventricular systolic function. There are various methods that can be employed for the assessment of systolic function, each with its own benefits and limitations. Understanding of the various methods is important as it allows for echocardiographic data to be […]

Pediatric Echocardiography Imaging Planes

View PDF AUTHORS Shiraz Maskatia Abstract The proper acquisition and interpretation of pediatric echocardiographic images requires understanding of echocardiographic planes. Understanding imaging planes in the normal heart then allows for understanding of how appropriate, insightful images can be acquired for congenitally malformed hearts. This module reviews pediatric echocardiography imaging planes. Continue Reading View PDF Click […]

Ultrasound Physics And Hemodynamics Measurements

View PDF AUTHORS Andrew Powell Abstract Echocardiography is a vital tool in pediatric cardiology. An understanding of the physics of ultrasound can better help while acquiring echocardiographic images while also assisting in the interpretation of acquired images. Additionally, understanding ultrasound physics also allows for estimation of hemodynamic values such as intracardiac pressures. This module reviews […]

Creating a Systematic Framework Approach to Congenital Heart Disease Comprehension and Management – A Primer for the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit Provider

View PDF AUTHORS Richard P. Lion, DO, MPH, FAAP Division of Pediatric Critical Care, Loma Linda University.Saul Flores, MD, FAAP, FACC Section of Critical Care and Cardiology, Texas Children’s HospitalRohit S. Loomba, MD Division of Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care, Advocate Children’s Hospital, Chicago Medical School Intended as Cardiac ICU Content for Pediatric Cardiac Learning Center […]